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Emergency Alert!

Your help is needed now! Contact your legislator before the Tuesday, June 15th vote.

Governor Sanford has proposed a cut of over $5.2 million from South Carolina ETV's $9.6 million state budget appropriation. This is a 52% percent reduction. This would have a devastating impact on ETV and the services provided to public education and to every citizen.

If the legislature does not override these vetoes it would have a crippling affect on services and programs.

  • ETV provides technology training and learning opportunities to 65,000 teachers, all 86 school districts, and their students. In addition, over 6,500 K-12 teachers receive hands-on, face to face training annually. This service would be drastically impaired or eliminated.
  • ETV would be forced to discontinue its public safety and local government training. More than 13,000 law enforcement personnel this includes local police and sheriff departments, SLED, and corrections officers.
  • ETV’s local and national programming would be significantly impaired, and some services eliminated all-together. Television and radio programs that focus on SC issues and concerns would be in grave jeopardy.
  • ETV is a valuable asset available to every South Carolina citizen, a key component in the state's educational, cultural and economic development. Many deem ETV as a jewel of South Carolina and a good example of what is good about our state.

Your help is critical to our ability to retain core educational service for every SC citizen. It’s imperative that these vetoes be overturned. We need your help please contact your legislator today to save ETV!

Thank you!


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